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The podiatrist is the specialist in the field of health to evaluate and treat any condition to the feet. With a doctorate in podiatric medicine and specialized equipment, the podiatrist can also offer you orthoses adapted to your foot according to your needs. You make sure you get all the services under one roof. Whether for a skin lesion, a pain or an evaluation of your approach, our graduated podiatrists will help you....

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Foot problem

Podiatric surgery

Plantar fibroma

The masses appear at multiple places on the foot. They can be caused by soft tissue swelling, accumulation of small pockets of fluid, enlargement of adipose tissue, or nerve, vascular or muscle dilation. Plantar fibroma and ganglion cyst are among the best known masses.


Some procedures rebuild and "cleanse" the joint. The surgeon eliminates arthritic damage to the joint and the bone spines that accompany it. The specialized podiatrist may also choose to change the position of one or more bones in the big toe.

Morton's neuroma

The surgery is performed under local anesthesia in a modern surgical clinic. The procedure involves the removal of the inflamed and enlarged nerve with an average recovery time of a few weeks.

Onion surgery

An untreated onion can not only cause irreversible progression of this deformity, but degenerative changes can occur in the large toe joint making ambulation and daily activities very difficult. Many onions may be asymptomatic and not all should be treated surgically.

Toe surgery

Hammer toe, claw or mallet sometimes require surgery to allow the wearing of shoes with comfort and eliminate associated pains.In general, when the toe is still flexible, the surgery is to release the soft tissue to restore the extent in the joint.



Ingrown nails





Foot care

  • Wart

    A wart is a virus that infects the upper layer of the skin. It is possible that small black spots are visible on the surface of the wart, These are the blood vessels. Warts are not always painful, but can quickly grow and multiply.

  • Sweat

    It is normal to sweat feet. However, excessive sweating can be troublesome or cause some inconvenience. Indeed, it can cause burns under your feet in the summer or you can quickly freeze feet in the winter, in addition to sometimes cause nauseating odors.

  • Horns / cracks

    It's time to take care of it! The horn is a normal process of protecting the body, but in too great a quantity it can cause pain. This can cause corns and cracks if the horn is not regularly maintained.

    Horns / cracks
  • Diabetic


  • Trauma

    Escape a heavy object on the toe! What pain ! Once your breath is found, it is important to check the extent of the damage. Indeed, you may have no sequela following this small incident or on the contrary, have some complications because of a nail that has been injured.

  • Mushrooms

    Your nails are yellow, loose or thick? Maybe you are suffering from a fungal infection. It is estimated that 10 to 20% of the population has nails infected with fungi, an infection also called onychomycosis.

  • Ingrown nails

    An ingrown toenail is caused by a nail that enters the skin. If your fingernail has been cut incorrectly or is too wide, it is possible that an ingrown toenail will develop. Redness, discharge and severe pain may be present on the side of your fingernail.

    Ingrown nails
  • Lazer

    Maybe you are suffering from a fungal infection. It is estimated that 10 to 20% of the population has nails infected with fungi, an infection also called onychomycosis. In addition to making your nails very difficult to cut, the infection can spread to all your nails and cause pain.


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